Sunday, October 17, 2010

Photography into Art

Hi, friends. Perhaps you recall a few weeks ago I had a photo assignment to go out into the world and furtively photograph unsuspecting strangers? Well, the next week's assignment was to use those images (or just one) and take it a step further to create a mixed-media art piece of some kind. There were a few things I knew instantly; I wanted to use gold leaf (I could just cover everything with gold leaf. Couldn't you?). And I wanted to use the moth photos that I'd taken this summer. I went step further and decided to turn my subject into an author, printing the wings onto a page I'd ripped from a book I was willing to sacrifice (George Steiner's Bluebeard's Castle, to be exact.).  And this is what I came up with. This was my third iteration of this assignment. The first one I covered with an epoxy, which darkened and smeared everything; the epoxy settled on the gold leaf in an unflattering mass of globs and bubbles. The second, I thought I'd have our autheroress walking around on a vintage street map of Paris, which was busy beyond belief. This was my final piece. I think I'll explore the works of Joseph Cornell for inspiration on my final project in this class.


Jane Grant Tougas said...

Prose takes flight?

Rita Finn said...

Yes, I decided that my authoress's writing gave her wings!

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