Friday, October 8, 2010

Animal - Neon Trees

Here we go again ... I've had this song bouncing around in my head this week. Everybody gets something different from a song and from a band. I was surprised when I saw what the musicians looked like. I guess I didn't expect the classic punk look. Can I have that military jacket the female singer is wearing?

Thank you, Nicole, for finding the owners of this song!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

What's Going on Here?

So. I was walking around the neighborhood, taking a break from getting caught up (I'm SO behind in everything!), when I saw this. On one hand, you know what the creative intent was. I've painted on glass before. It's a curious thing, painting backwards. It must have hung above the mantle, or near the door, don't you think?

I'm working on a creative project of my own; transforming last week's furtive street shots into an art piece. It's rather involved, I'll admit, but I'm almost done. And I'm rather excited about it, if I can say that ... just a hint: everyone should have wings. Visit again soon and I'll give you some music to listen to and reveal my little art piece.

Monday, October 4, 2010

October is Purple

I'm a bit reticent to admit it's already October. I've not yet committed to putting away my summer things. I realize I'm behind a bit, but I've decided that October is purple. Or plum. Or eggplant. I don't know how much purple I'll be able to deliver as I really don't see that much of it around me.

You have to realize, I come to assigning a color to each month by a very scientific method. I give a numerological value to each letter in the spelling of the month (a=1, b=2, etc.), and then add up the numbers. I then multiply that by the number the month falls under (October=10). I use the Gregorian calendar, though we all know that the Julian calendar had it right giving about five days to August. I then refer to the Pantone color chart to determine that month's color. Pantone 780C (I prefer coated over uncoated).

Okay, so I lied. Everybody knows that Pantone 780C doesn't exist.

Have you seen some nice purples lately?

Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Panera Project

I mentioned the other day that I had to go out and sit in one place for one hour and just shoot, right? Well, I don't particularly enjoy shooting people. For one thing, they tend to move around a lot, so getting your subject in focus is a bit of a challenge. They also don't like it when the person holding the camera is a total stranger. That being said, you can find some interesting people if you just hang out at a café with the camera on the table. This may help me get over my squeamishness in shooting people.

While my instructor cautions against lamenting the 'missed shot,' I still regret that I didn't capture the young girl wearing elf ears, and the cheerleader in high heels.

As we were leaving, I whispered to my husband, "Watch out, there's a chick in that window taking pictures of people's butts."

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