Wednesday, September 18, 2013


I had the privilege of working with Regina of Bleu & Fig this past weekend for a tour of homes fundraiser with the Susan G. Komen Foundation to raise money for breast cancer awareness and prevention. While I only shot in one home, it was impressive to see the amount of care put into making a house look its finest for visitors. It was nice to see how even small details can make such a nice impression with Regina's talented eyes and hands.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Vermont IV

One of my favorite places to visit in "the kingdom" is Wheeler Mountain. A large structure made by Mother Nature of solid granite, it is at times a very gentle hike, and at other times a formidable crawl. Trying to figure how to tackle some areas on the way to the top is half the fun of getting there. Two observations that I came up with a long time ago come to mind every time I see Wheeler Mountain. These observations extend far beyond climbing a mountain.
1. When you are walking in the woods, stop and look around. You will almost always find a mushroom nearby if you look hard enough.
2. What I have learned from my camera lens is that something is always in focus, you just have to point it in the right direction.

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