Monday, June 4, 2012

My Neighborhood, Clintonville

Okay, I'm back for a bit. I have a project to tell you about. Actually, it's a project that's been brewing for some time without my knowing it. I've been telling you about my neighborhood for some years. It's a special place filled with old houses, two ravines and many parks, interesting people and inspiring shops and businesses. Our monthly Happy Hours have become a place for lively conversation, culinary bravado, a lively variety of adult beverages, much laughter, and many stories.

In my daily travels around the neighborhood, I hear many stories. I want to capture these stories, show off those small businesses that make my life easier, my meals taste better, and my clothes cleaner. I want to champion the people who live and work in my community in their daily vocations and avocations.

This is where you come in. Do you have a favorite dessert or cocktail you're willing to make for me? Do you own a business that's been here a long time, or just opened one here because Clintonville is the perfect place to grow? Are you part of a band? Are you particularly proud of your garden, the coffee you serve, or the flowers you arrange? Or do you know anyone who fits any of these categories? Or any other categories I haven't considered? Help me tell your story. Or pass this along to someone lives in Clintonville that you think should play a part in my project, will you?

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