Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Food Photography

I'm getting ready for my pre-final project in my photography class, which is a promotion piece for my portfolio. This could be either a postcard (which I love, because you can stick it on your refrigerator with a magnet) or a website slideshow (which is quite easy in the newest PhotoShop). I've been looking at my photos and trying to determine which could best exemplify my "style." But I'm also still working on getting the best shots possible for my final project, which is five big prints. My focus has been food, and while I eat every day, not everything I eat makes a beautiful image.

So I'm looking for some ideas again. What do you consider the beautiful foods? When you look at food magazines, what catches your eye? Is it the food itself, or the way it is styled? While I tend to prefer the more natural look (I don't plan on using motor oil for syrup), I'm open to ideas.

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