Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Colonial Williamsburg II

It's curious, how easily you can be transported to another time and place. Walking around Williamsburg, it's easy to develop romantic notions about what it must have been like to stop at the bakery for good bread, the stationers for writing paper, the butcher for a fine cut of beef for dinner, and the cobbler to order a new pair of shoes. I suppose if I didn't know about Zappos and Amazon, it might be easier to sustain that romance. But still, visiting with the tailor in the milliner's shop was a rather convincing argument. His spot-on accent, attire and manners, showing me every garment he'd sewn by hand couldn't have been a more perfect picture of life in 1760.  And frankly, I was eyeing his cut-away coat for myself.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Colonial Williamsburg

I visited Colonial Williamsburg over a long weekend. It was remarkable. I will share a few things about it over the next few days, but only want to say right now that what we have come to know as our country was, for quite a long time, not yet a country. It was an idea, a thing in the making based on some radical ideas. Ideas that people were willing to fight and die for, that freedom is never free.

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