Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Florence & The Machine - Dog Days are Over

I'm giving you a little music early again because I'm packing up to go on another mini-vacation with some special ladies. This time I'm headed south where the dog days are not entirely over, and I can drink in the last few drops of summer.

Enjoy the frenzy!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Vermont: What We Did

When I was in Vermont, I didn't eat the whole time. No, we did many other things. We solved the world's problems at the breakfast table. We put mud on our faces and established the Sisterhood of the Painful Facial. (Dead sea mud is loaded with salt ... do you know what that will do to your upper epidermal layer?)

And we started our Bucket Lists, a challenge I've been a little intimidated by. Among our life goals:
Win an academy Award
Write a book
Visit Tibet
Spend a week in Paris
Take a long bike ride, visiting every US state
Spend a month in India

Can you guess which is mine?

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