Thursday, May 6, 2010

Low Contrast

These are my candidates for B&W "low contrast" photos. They are supposed to have a silky feel to them, a sort of ephemeral quality. Like I said, I have difficulty with these because I'm not sure where the eye is supposed to go. Your thoughts?

"Hot" Contrast

Hi, friends. My assignment for this weekend is actually a little more involved than I originally explained. I also need to come up with a B&W high- (or "hot") contrast image, a B&W low-contrast image, and an image with one color dominant. Yes, this is quite a tall order. The high-contrast I find easier because I'm naturally drawn to bright whites and dark blacks. So, which do you think is the strongest candidate?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

With My Compliments ...

I've been obsessing about this weekend's assignment all week; complimentary colors. I was being a bit of a philistine about it, thinking that I should just magically stumble upon my source of inspiration without having to create it. "Food." I thought. Purple plums and yellow ... yellow what? Well plums aren't in season anyway. Okay, strawberries and leafy green lettuce. Who doesn't love red and green? So I went to the grocery store, but the emergency squad was there and I'm allergic to what they were dealing with, so I promptly left for another store. I arrived home with my produce in hand, and saw that my neighbor was mowing his lawn. His green lawn. With a red mower. So naturally I stopped him to capture the essence of a late Spring afternoon. I shot the berries and lettuce too. Still, nothing was doing it for me. And I thought of my sister reminding me that I have a green purse. More than one actually, but I digress. I also have a red shawl. But that came out too much red and not enough green. Finally, I looked around, exasperated. Books! We only have a hundred-thousand books ... so I arranged them just so.

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