Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Bourbon Trail

I had the privilege of visiting the Bourbon Trail (a trail in central Kentucky that stretches from Lexington to Louisville and the surrounding areas) this past weekend. I've given plenty of thought to how I might talk about it. I could explain in detail how bourbon is made, even why it is called bourbon, but lot's of good folks have already done a much better job than I can do. I learned a lot about the differences between whiskey, bourbon, scotch and brandy. I learned about oak barrels that have been scorched on the interior to create a nice flavor. I learned to appreciate the finer points of a good bourbon, even if I don't have the palette to appreciate top shelf quality. I learned that Kentucky is perfect for distilling bourbon because of the changing temperatures throughout the seasons, as well as the limestone that Kentucky water flows over which makes for ideal fermentation. I'd rather not tell you all that. Kentucky is beautiful country, and bourbon provides only one aspect of the state's rich history. Do go. See for yourself.

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