Sunday, August 23, 2009

Happy Hour

A few years ago, someone in our neighborhood started a new tradition of the neighborhood happy hour. It takes place once a month, usually on a Friday night, in a different house. The character and style from one month to another varies according to the host, the season and who is able to attend. All those attending bring a covered dish and/or a beverage to share.

On Friday night, my husband and I hosted. I had to work on Friday, so my husband did a stellar job getting ready. He thought of everything; from borrowing the neighbors’ outdoor furniture, buying ice, bringing up a table from the basement, and lighting the torches.

While we were prepared to take it indoors, we were blessed with perfect weather as 40 of our neighbors poured in from every direction with fruit salads, hummus and pita, pasta salad, peach pie, crackers and cheese (boursin, my favorite!), as well as beers and wines of every flavor.

As all of the houses in the neighborhood were generally built in the 1920’s, we trade renovation stories, talk about the local political issues, and learn about who has expertise in what. And it always a treat to see how others decorate and restore their homes.

This event was a nice reminder of what a great neighborhood I live in, filled with interesting and talented people as our friendships grow stronger. We stayed up into the wee hours playing a computerized version of charades with the new couple across the street. And if you drink just a little too much; no worries, you can stumble home.

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