Saturday, November 20, 2010


I'm just back from a glorious week in Chicago and must say, in spite of all the wonderful food and fashion, am glad to be home. I stayed at a hotel on the corner of Michigan and Huron which is a prime location for shopping -- if you're not beset with a horrid cold. The most money that I spent was at Walgreen's on cold medicine. No new Tory Burch ballet flats or a ridiculous Ferragamo bag for me. But with a whirlwind schedule of meetings and dining out ... I had a lovely dinner at Quartino, which, if you live in Columbus you would be interested to learn that Cameron Mitchell lifted the concept for his restaurant Marcella's. Imitation is the best form of flattery, no?

I also only took about three pictures, literally, which is a shame. Luckily for me, one dinner event was held at the Museum of Contemporary Art where I got to see some pretty sublime art. One funny thing I overheard while there, "Columbus? This must be a real culture shock for you." Exciting, yes, but culture shock? You know, things have improved tremendously around here since we got electricity and indoor plumbing, oh, about a hundred years ago. But I love a town with a champagne bar, don't you?

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