Monday, July 18, 2011


I was cleaning out a closet in the basement the other day when I came across a box of some pretty wonderful things; piles of sketches, some half-finished (a fork, a spoon, clouds, glass jars, a single pencil, figure studies that would become paintings, others that would not become paintings), foreign money that had fallen out of use, old stamps, things cut out of magazines to become collages. Collages, too.  And a poem written out by hand by a dear friend many years ago. I wonder, when you give a friend a gift, do you ever think how it will become a keepsake and inspire her many years later?

The stars that are shining around the beautiful moon
hide their own bright faces

When she, at her fullest
paints the earth with her silvery light

Now while we are dancing, come! Join us!
Sweet joy, revelry, bright light!

Inspire us, Muses
Oh you with the beautiful hair.

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