Saturday, July 16, 2011


I got a card from a friend recently that detailed things you should do in the month of July.
1. Lie in the grass.
2. Take time to talk to neighborhood children.
3. Go for a swim.
4. Join the parade.
5. Find a cool spot.
6. Treat the family like company.
7. Do something hard to do.
8. Learn a new song to sing in the shower.
9. Overcome a fear.
10. Listen to night sounds.
11. Find beauty in a dandelion.
12. Ask a favor of a friend.
13. Walk in the summer rain.
14. Let go of your guilt.
15. Sit in a tree.
16. Invite the neighbors in.
17. Picture yourself at age three.
18. Eat your favorite food. (which one?)
19. Don't do something - sit there!
20. Press a four-leaf clover.
21. Rearrange a room.
22. Enjoy a grateful heart.
23. Get up before anyone else.
24. Appreciate your feet.
25. Sew on that button.
26. Let someone love you.
27. Hum the song in your heart.
28. Play kick the can.
29. Pick berries.
30. Drop a penny where someone will find it.
31. Take a flower to a friend.

Twenty out of thirty-one isn't bad, right?

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Taste Master said...

Wonderful images Rita and I love the list! Thanks for sharing both!

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