Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Uniform Project

This morning I put three bags of clothing on the front porch to be picked up the The Kidney Foundation. I think they have me on speed dial. I donate to them pretty regularly, and I like that my gently used clothes might go to someone who needs them.

When I was a child in school, I had to wear a wool plaid uniform to school every day. Like most girls of a certain age, I found this confining -- at the time. This may, perhaps, explain my overstuffed closet(s) and my conflicting need to simplify.

In retrospect, the idea of having one frock (or five identical ones) strikes me as a kind of saving grace. No more trying to match blacks or whites in the dim morning light. Imagine the ease with which you would face each day! Whatever flair you decide suits your mood that day can be added at the last moment, but you know what you are going to wear.

The Uniform Project not only solved the what-to-wear problem for Sheena Matheiken, but has also raised $103,177 for poverty-stricken children in India so they can go to school. The designer of the famous little black dress, Eliza Starbuck, was ready to drop out of the design scene when she met Sheena and was convinced to design this special dress. As I watch the video, I think, "I could really use a dress like this." Couldn't you? Go, help me convince her here and perhaps we can all have one soon. Also, check out some of their fans' answers to, "what should I wear today?"

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