Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Carter House

In 1830, Franklin, Tennessee was a quiet, remote town miles away from Nashville, then a thriving little city. Today it's almost a suburb of Nashville. When the prosperous businessman, Fountain Branch Carter, built the house and a cotton gin, he surely didn't expect it someday to be taken over as Union headquarters. Today the house and surrounding structures still stand, though scarred by shell fire from the battle that shook this quiet town in the summer of 1864.

"One of Carter's sons, Theodrick (Tod), was serving as an aid for General T.B. Smith on the battlefield and saw his home for the first time in 3 years. Crying out, "Follow me boys, I'm almost home," Captain Tod Carter was mortally wounded and died 2 days later at the Carter House."

The Civil War is full of strange and inexplicable coincidences, or ironies.

If you stick with me for one more day, tomorrow I promise I have a real treat for you to see. Really, no more battles.

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