Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I recently bought myself a zoom lens and, immediately after buying it felt a sense of regret. I've always prided myself with making the most of of the tools I had. I even ignored it completely for a few days after it arrived, and I really like my kit lens, so why would I go and complicate things with another lens? (It makes me crazy when I hear about people who need the latest, coolest racing bike/binoculars/sewing machine/camera equipment -- and then never use it!) Finally, I took it out for a spin and wanted to kick myself for not getting one much sooner. I'm pleased with the range I can get with subjects near and far.

How many lenses do you have? Do you use them all?


Lindsey said...

Well, ya, I'd love my lens too, if I took pics like yours!

Theu hubs got me a zoom lens a while ago and I don't really find opportunity to use it. I feel like it's so big...but really, I'm loving these. How do you get the macro pics with your zoom?

Rita Finn said...

Thank you, Lindsey! For the macro pics, I have to be a little more patient by standing a little further off and manually setting the focus. Do give your zoom a second chance, I think you'll enjoy the results!

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