Monday, February 14, 2011


For our first Valentine's Day years ago, when we were first dating, I made my husband a batch of chocolate truffles, which he graciously enjoyed and shared with me. Only later did I learn that he doesn't really have a sweet tooth. I now keep a stash of emergency chocolate on hand for myself because we just don't have dessert at our house.

I admit that I am guilty of what my husband accuses me of; I'm really hard to buy for. I have more perfume than Cleopatra, and my tastes in clothing can run a little unusual (and I know better what looks good on me -- and what really doesn't). For me, chcolate, roses and champagne will do just fine, thank you. But I got him something he both wants and needs.

What are you giving your Valentine?

Happy St. Valentine's Day!

*Card from Igloo Press in Worthington, Ohio. I just love them.

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