Sunday, November 7, 2010

Chew After Meal

I had a lot to get done this weekend, and I did, actually. (I haven't solved my car problem yet.) But when my husband said to me this morning, "Grab you camera." I was ready to put my list aside. We needed an adventure on a small scale, so we drove to Utica and Roscoe, Ohio. Now, if you've ever been, you might agree with me that they could be renamed Charming, Ohio. They are. They love their history and their architecture. Just be warned that any shop you walk into, you will be expected to engage in a conversation impossible to extract yourself from for at least thirty minutes. Fair warning. But worth the trip anyway.

Aside: you think I shot these pictures in HDR, right? Nope. I fully intended to, but I shot them in RAW, my new best photography friend.

Happy Daylight Savings!

If you want to see more pictures from this adventure, please go here.

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Jane Grant Tougas said...

These colors are glorious!

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