Monday, September 20, 2010

Worthington Mansion

"Let's go for a short drive." my husband said to me Sunday morning. (Music to my ears!) So, we ambled down State Route 23, looking for inspiration until we came to Thomas Worthington's 1807 mansion in Adena, Ohio. Well, it's more than a mansion; actually, it's more of a sprawling estate with servants quarters, a farm, a spring house, a tenant house, and flower and kitchen gardens. We took the requisite tour of the mansion itself and then began wandering about the extensive property. When we came to the barn, I noticed goats and mules. I made my way to them with my camera and began shooting. This 'short drive' had become a day's commitment and I knew my time was running out.

"Hey look, a kitten," my husband said. Yeah right, I wasn't going to fall for that one again. "Liar." I said, without turning around. "No, really." he insisted. So I turned around and there was this black kitten trotting towards me. I picked him and he began purring. And purring. Interrupted by purring. I put him down after a while, but he only followed me everywhere I went.

You know that if I'd had my big tote bag, he would have totally come home with me ...

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