Saturday, August 14, 2010

Neighborhood Documentary

I've been doing a documentary on the backyards of the neighborhood. It's interesting to me how much some people put up barricades while others have this overgrown path that leads to the back door. I like the lone orange towel just hanging on the line; it struck me as a quintessential vision of summer. But my favorite is the gorgeous rug draped on the fence for a good airing out.

Some thoughts on a few of my pictures: I am interested in the fate of things. We are mere bystanders; the things we love do not love us. Our troubles and pleasures are of no consequence to them. They have a life of their own - some will outlast us. Books, letters, furniture, rugs, our grandmothers' ironstone ware. Some will be of interest to others after we are gone - others not. The fence and the sidewalk will crumble, to be replaced, or not. A house will stand empty, be torn down and replaced by another with modern fixtures. And the cycle goes on ...


Jane Grant Tougas said...

What a wonderful idea! I would love to do this along Lake Rd. in Lake Forest -- but would probably be arrested!

Rita Finn said...

Jane, I'd love to see a documentary from you on those houses ... any angle at all!

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