Monday, August 9, 2010

Electric Orange

I like a color that makes a statement, that isn't shy about what it is. I think these shades of orange are quirky and comfortable with who they are, don't you?

Off topic: I went to a birthday party the other night and met an elderly gentleman from Brooklyn Heights. He had the most charming conversation style, and was utterly engaging to speak with. He told stories about about his early days in New York and his occasional brush with famous writers and celebrities. He would say things like, "I have another anecdote I think you would enjoy, if you permit me ..." I found myself slowing down to listen. It was delightful.

Have you ever met such a person?


stephanie said...

My Granny was such a person. She would entertain and enlighten in every conversation. Admittedly, her antecedotes were less worldly than those of the gentleman you recently met (the Denny's 2 for $2 often topped her list). She LIVED every day of her 95 years... often in simple ways. She helped me to appreciate and enjoy new layers and aspects in what I too often would take for granted. Rita, I think you would have enjoyed knowing Mary Margaret.

Rita Finn said...

Stephanie, I would CERTAINLY have enjoyed knowing Mary Margaret!

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