Monday, July 26, 2010

Piatt Castles

My husband and I went on a little adventure this weekend to visit the Piatt Castles. It's not that far from town, but it is elsewhere, which is all I require from time to time. I took pictures outside; of sprawling lawns and great stone towers. I wasn't allowed to bring my tripod inside, which is understandable. I took a lot of pictures, hundreds even, This one is underexposed and a little too centered for my taste, but it is my favorite. It's the master bedroom for Donn and Ella Piatt and gives us a glimpse of the intimate lives of a couple that influenced the hearts and minds of many with their tastes, habits and opinions in both their personal and public lives. You get a quiet sense of their lives in the 1880's, don't you?

To see my other pictures from Piatt castles, please visit my photostream.

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