Monday, July 19, 2010

Pairing Pictures: Turquoise

You remember back in December when I learned that Pantone would make 2010 the year of turquoise? (Wow, I wish I'd worked on that shot a little more ...) Well, I thought I'd do a little homage to turquoise.

I'm thinking August is the month for orange. August feels orange to me. What color do you think August is?


Jane Grant Tougas said...

Hmmm . . . It's not orange to me; that's more Sept. The first color that came to mind was dark red. I'll have to think about why.

Rita Finn said...

Interesting! I never thought of dark red as August ... something to ponder.

Stephanie said...

I'll cheat in my response to this question. To me, August is tie dye. Admittedly, that has more to do with the spirit the month elicits than any chromatic pattern I can discern.

Rita Finn said...

Stephanie - that's a great answer! I don't think it is cheating!

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