Friday, July 2, 2010

American Anthem - Norah Jones

Such a song requires little comment, but July 4th is a reminder that the freedoms we enjoy today did not come free. Generations of men and women believed that their lives were worth sacrificing for an idea; that we all have inalienable rights, whether we can live up to that idea or not. And for this, I thank them.

Happy Independance Day!


alya said...

I love Norah and this video. I found this cool group called Aid Still Required that put out a CD to benefit tsunami victims in Indonesia, which she's a part of. Norah and Ray Charles do an awesome duet together – definitely worth getting!

Rita Finn said...

Alya, I will definitely check out Aid Still Required. I love both Norah and Ray, so I'm sure it's a rewarding thing to hear! Thanks for visiting!

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