Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Clintonville Farmers' Market

I went to the Wednesday Clintonville Farmers' Market today, which I haven't been to since I took my nephew Will when he was visiting. It's a reduced market from the Saturday one, but with the sun shining, everybody seemed relaxed and happy. Everyone wants you to sample, from ten different kinds of bread, to olive oil and balsamic infused with herbs, to preserves and hot relish made yesterday. The fella striking a pose for me offered me a sample of his pineapple cucumber juice from "pressed" fruits and vegetables. I'm not sure what pressed fruit entails, but it was actually pretty tasty. The man in the ball cap explained to me how he finds fallen trees on his property and turns them into beautiful chopping boards. He had the calm demeanor of a man who likes to work with his hands. The smiling lady with freckles sold me a bar of lavender soap, while her son explained to me which ones smelled best. What a nice way to spend a late Wednesday afternoon.


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