Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Explorer's Club

I had the pleasure of doing a shoot at The Explorer's Club recently. Having been there before, I knew I was in for a real treat. This restaurant is really quite special. They give you a passport and each month is dedicated to a different country's cuisine. You visit, and get your passport stamped. While February is France, some Wednesday nights are Hungarian night because they sponsor a local Hungarian social club. As Chef Dan has Hungarian roots, the menu is peppered with specialties like veal paprikash and cabbage rolls. And you have to love a place where the chef visits with the patrons to talk passionately about his creations. If you happen to live in Columbus, or plan on visiting soon, go make a visit. For brunch, or lunch, or dinner. Just go, okay?


Dave said...

Nice images as always, but I'm surprised. Based on other posts, you don't seem the type that could shoot images inside a restaurant - no judging, just curious.

I would love to shoot images of people indoors but I can't.

Rita Finn said...

Dave, you are 100% right. This was stepping outside my comfort zone. I don't like using flash of any kind as it seems to flatten everything, but there aren't many options when shooting indoors at night. And I don't like the idea of carrying around all sorts of cumbersome lighting equipment.

When you say you can't shoot people indoors, are you shooting RAW? While that doesn't solve all my lighting issues, the post-processing tricks make things much easier for me.

Dave said...

No, I can't shoot people easily at all, too shy. I'd love to be able to, just can't get the nerve unless they're friends, then, merciless.

I'm not a photographer, I just know what I like.

Rita Finn said...

Dave, I'll tell you a secret. I have a hard time shooting people too, but have found it's very rewarding when I overcome my shyness just long enough to do it. The key I think) is to find people who are comfortable in their skin.

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