Thursday, September 22, 2011

Petite's Road

When I was in Vermont, I took a walk down an old dirt road that played prominently in my childhood. The maple orchard where we used to help with the sugaring in the early Spring, the vistas that spread out before me, the farm where we used to get our milk almost straight from the cow. The bottom of the first hill used to have potholes which once sent me flying from my bike, before helmets. In high school, I used to run this road when I was on the track team because I knew exactly where the five-mile marker was. Once on my run, I was stopped abruptly by a sound in the bushes and found a very young fawn calling for its mother. For the record, can you discern a sugar maple from a red maple? A sugar maple's leaves have five prongs (m-a-p-l-e) while a red maple has onle three (r-e-d). There. You learned something today.

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