Monday, August 8, 2011

May the long time sun shine upon you ...

You know those summer weekends that are chock-full of good things and you try to be fully present, and capture the essence of it at all at the same time? Sometimes my impulse to keep a camera up to my eye seems to interfere on being fully present. I remember the advice of an inspiring photo instructor: 1) Have your camera with you at all times. and 2) Leave your camera behind sometimes.

While the two pieces of advice might seem contrary at first, if you think it over a bit, it makes total sense. 


Lolly said...

Your instructor sounds like a genius.
Trying to live a fully present life is something I try so very hard to achieve. Even without a camera I find it extremely difficult. Moments of mindfulness that occasionally stretch into minutes are the best I can do at this point in my life.
Your pictures are simply wonderful, Rita. I so enjoy looking.
Thanks for sharing.

Rita Finn said...

Thank you, Lolly, for such kind words!

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