Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Industrial HDR

If you drive northwest of Columbus for about an hour, you'll come across this little town called Sidney, Ohio. Aside from having a famous bank designed by Louis Sullivan (boss and mentor to Frank Lloyd Wright), it has a little diner famous for it's fried bologna sandwich, and the outskirts of town are littered with all sorts cool industrial buildings, grain elevators, and other funky little diners. I love grain elevators. And diners famous for friend bologna sandwiches, even if they are closed for the Fourth of July. Don't you?


Jane Grant Tougas said...

I love Louis Sullivan AND fried bologna sandwiches! There used to be a dive in Gratis (population 2) called the Fried Bologna Cafe. Every time I drove through Gratis (back way to Indiana state line), the place was closed -- and now it's really closed. So I am delighted to hear I can go to Sidney for both architecture and atherosclerosis.

Rita Finn said...

Jane, I'm always glad to be of help to you. I hope you take a photo journey there soon yourself, and share the results!

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