Monday, December 20, 2010

102310 Holiday Shoot in B&W

Today was my first day of vacation, spent drinking too much coffee, and having a splendid holiday lunch with some designer friends in the Short North. Oh, and followed up with a serving of Jeni's Bangkok Peanut ice cream (should I have had the Wildberry Lavender instead? Oh, decisions!).

Today is also the day the 102310 Project group is uploading their ten B&W pictures to Facebook, and I have to confess, as I sit here scrolling through the early entries; I am one rich girl. More than once, I've muttered under my breath, "I wish I'd taken that one." Happy envy is, I think, the sign of true appreciation. Once again, my own entries lacked the sort of planning I wish I'd put into the project, but I can still sit back and look at the collective contributions as they continue to come in ... and nod. This is collaboration at its best.

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