Monday, November 29, 2010

Scenes from the Weekend

Aside from Thanksgiving (which was divine), I had a pretty low-key weekend as I wrap up work on my photography class.  I learned much and am trying to fold it into my understanding of art. One thing that has changed is that I've become more of a flaneur. A flaneur is a person who simply wanders around as a detached observer, not with a specific purpose, but just to experience what comes. I walked through my neighborhood, noticing the strangest details, and subtle changes from one day, week and month to the next, and watching the patterns of life. If you have ever made a point of taking lots of pictures when you travel, you understand the importance of photography's role in capturing the experience itself, not just a beautiful picture. What if you could capture that feeling of freedom you experience when travelling and draw from it in your daily life?

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