Friday, April 23, 2010

Searching for Order

The other night, my husband and I were listening to music together (Beethoven, to be specific), and he said, "Listen ... he's searching for order." And then it hit me - that's what I'm doing when I take a picture. Searching for order. 

And I'm sure it's different for every photgrapher, professional or amateur. What is it that you are doing when you take a picture?

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Stephanie said...

For me, it depends on the subject. If I'm taking pictures of the students with whom I work then I'm documenting and chronicling their activities, reactions, growth, etc. As I photograph my niece and nephews I'm probably trying to show the world (or at least those who happen upon the pictures in my office or home) how cute, full of life, and utterly BRILLIANT Agnes, Sam, and Carter are. The snapshots of family, friends, and places/situations become an attempt to capture and hold on to any small vestige of a fleeting experience.

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