Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Over the holidays, when visiting my family in Vermont, I was chatting with my Mom while she washed the dishes (by hand; she likes washing dishes by hand.). I watched, mesmerized, as she washed each individual fork, spoon, knife and plate carefully, rinsed it, placed it in the rack, then rinsed it again while carrying on the conversation. She did this so patiently and deliberately.

I look at myself and wonder, was I adopted? Patience is not my finest virtue. And I'm learning this, one shot at a time, with photography. I see what I want in my head and rush things to get a less-than-perfect shot. And I'm learning that sometimes when you do things to simply check them off the list (and you know how fond of lists I am), that you scrimp on quality. I like my work to reflect harmony and excellence. I like creating things that surpass even my own expectations.

So, I can't do everything with an eye to perfection or I would accomplish nothing. Where's the balance?

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