Saturday, January 9, 2010

I'm Ready for My Close-up

Thank you to everyone who responded to my "blue" assignment here and in person. It seems the ring has it!

One of the things that I love about a photgraphy class is that it forces me to really compose an image and take into consideration all of the elements that comprise a good shot. My second class assignment is a close-up, and must contain all of the general rules of composition; varying levels of interest, diagonal lines, an object in focus, and a repeated pattern of some kind. So here are the new contenders.

So, which, to you, fits the bill?


AnnaVallance said...

All great shots but I am drawn to the corks - the details,the full frame, I like it.

tonyboloni said...

Since my last posting was gibberish (so much for multi tasking) I'll attempt to make this reply more articulate.

I typically prefer monochromatic composition; the silverware's ornate detailing is contained by, is thrown into higher relief by, the parallel lines of the composition. The monochromatic color scheme keep down the distractions and helps maintain focus on subject and line.

Tony says: the silverware photo.

Suzi@CollierWest said...

Where are you taking class by the way?

I prefer the text. I enjoy the curve of the page, the highs and lows of printed text vs. the handwritten and specifically the subject matter. The words that pop out are "human future" "wishing one's wishes" and "its hard being dead." Seems like some pretty faceted subject matter. Nice capture.

Suzi West

Rita Finn said...

Thanks, Suzi! My classes are at Columbus State, and they're really quite challenging, in a good way. I've got a crush on your store, by the way. You have an eye for pulling together the most amazing things.

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