Sunday, September 20, 2009

Art Ball

I count myself among ‘most people’ when I say that most people don’t have the occasion, outside of their wedding day perhaps, to go to a formal event. But my husband and I have been invited as guests to attend a ball at our art museum, which requires all the trimmings. And frankly, it’s all the more delicious that someone else is planning it.

I’ve found the dress, and the perfect clutch. I also found a sweet aquamarine cocktail ring (simpler than the one pictured, but similar) at a local antiques shop for a song.

I have a black velvet swing jacket that will do, but the shoes have me a bit stumped. Never mind for a moment that I’m not particularly good at waltzing barefoot, but can I waltz in these?

What would you wear?

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad I found your blog. I was also invited to the event and wasnt sure if I should wear a full length or cocktail dress. Now I'm excited to go find a gown!

Rita Finn said...

Thank you for visiting! You must keep me posted on what you decide to wear ... I found photos from last year's ball to guide me. Good luck!

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