Sunday, August 2, 2009


Five reasons to visit the Ohio State Fair.

The abundance of artistic talent in the Cox Building.

The livestock exhibits allow you close encounters with our woolen creatures.

The prairie flower installation maintained by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. It's hard to believe that the state was once covered with wild flowers.

Fair food.

The butter sculpture in the dairy building. Truly, how much butter must have gone into making a cow, a farmer, his daughter and a veterinarian?


Anonymous said...

After one dizzying visit to the fair, as an six year old, I began crying as we, in the family station wagon, left the fairgrounds for the drive home.

When my mother asked what I was crying about I told her, with all the sincerity in a six year old, that I would never see the butter cow again.

Then my sister got her cotton candy stuck to the car seat and more serious issues prevailed. But the mood lightened considerably when my younger brother stated he was going the run the Ferris wheel when he grew up.

Rita Finn said...

Alas, the butter cow lives!

I'm sorry if your brother's career running the ferris wheel never materialized ...

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