Sunday, June 21, 2009

The West Side Market

Those who know me (or have been around my blog long enough), know that I'll travel pretty far for a good farmer's market. My husband took me to the West Side Market this weekend for my birthday - the place of our first date. The original market was built in 1840 across the street from the current building, built in 1902.

While we're fairly spoiled with our own market in town, you can't beat the cultural and culinary diversity at the West Side. When you walk in, your senses are pleasantly assaulted by the smell of strong coffee, baking bread, exotic cheeses, and any number of other food smells. You can hear people haggling over a price of meat or a basket of fruit in several languages.

If you visit, come prepared with a tote to carry your treasure; you will inevitably become intoxicated by the atmosphere and buy more food than you can possibly eat in a day or two.

Do you have a market that you like to visit?


AnnaVallance said...

We have Farmers Market twice a week and the Saturday one also has craft tables. It's a great way to start the weekend.

~ ennui ~ said...

We have a farmers market Saturday mornings as well....we love it!

♥ love, love these images ♥
great lighting and exposure..

Rita Finn said...

Anna and ennui,
I think it's hugely important to support local growers. The payback is getting bigger flavor and fresher food that hasn't been genetically altered. And you get to feel a connection to the community you belong to!


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