Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Art of Nature

Georgia O’Keefe was one of my first artistic crushes. Her larger-than-life flowers were unapologetically sensual; her colors and shapes defied convention.

So when my friend Leann showed me this article from the British editiion of Country Living on the work of this London artist, Sarah Graham, I was newly smitten. Her work doesn’t technically resemble O’Keefe’s, except perhaps in subject matter. She uses charcoal or pencil on brown butcher’s paper, or white paper.

Like her mother, my mother is a voracious gardener. This madness for flowers is the sort of thing that sinks into your psyche whether you see it coming or not. It was only in my thirties that I was able to embrace this enthusiasm I inherited from my mother; either in the garden or in my work.

With my renewed interest in representing nature in its raw, noble uniqueness in my home, this approach holds endless possibilities for me. So, with all due respect, I’m going to borrow Sarah’s approach. I already have something in mind … to go above the mantle and compliment the new chair.


Lupine said...

Oh that lucky lucky wall!!! Please send photos with the results!

Rita Finn said...

I'm doing an audit of my butcher's paper now. I'll start experiementing tonight!

~ ennui ~ said...

I'd love to see your work as well-
Have you been to the Georgia O'Keefe exhibit in Santa Fe? To stand in front of the art that I had only admired through books was..... just lovely.

Rita Finn said...

I've been to the Georgia O'Keefe museum and feel transported every time I look through my copy of her 100 flowers.

I'm still experimenting and don't have it down yet, but these images drive me on.

Thanks for visiting! I love your blog!

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