Wednesday, March 4, 2009

20 Little Things to Look Forward to in Spring

I just got my Spring catalog from Smith & Hawken and, I confess, I’ve been rubbing my face all over the pages of pots spilling over with basil and coleus. So, in no particular order …

1. Getting my hands dirty with potting soil, and putting my mother’s bulbs in the dirt.
2. Saturday morning coffee on the patio with a magazine.
3. The arrival of migratory song birds. We live near a ravine that attracts them.
4. The upcoming neighborhood yard sale when I’m going to move out everything we don’t love or need.
5. Putting away my heavy, winter clothes and making room for linens and cottons. But my shawls stay.
6. Opening the windows.
7. Sandals and bare arms.
8. Letting the cat out into “the big green room.”
9. Taking a bike ride with my jeans rolled up.
10. Evening rain showers.
11. Talking with neighbors on their front porches.
12. Hearing the squeals of neighborhood children playing outside.
13. A trip to the nursery with a cup of strong coffee.
14. Reading in bed at night with the window open.
15. A total Spring cleaning overhaul.
16. My husband firing up the grill, and making homemade pizza on it.
17. Refinishing the teak patio furniture.
18. The way smells are carried on the lightest breeze.
19. Buying fresh, local produce at the farmer’s market.
20. The cobalt color of the sky when day moves into night.
What would you add? Visit The Inspired Room and see what others are looking forward to.

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