Thursday, February 5, 2009


“Women always get it wrong.” my husband informs me. And yet, miraculously, the human race has managed to survive and prosper. He assures me that seduction isn’t about fishnet stockings, high heels and face paint (I’ve never been overly fond of the Dynasty image of women, myself).

The Fashion Institute of Technology (or FIT) in New York currently has an exhibit called simply, Seduction. While every era seems to have its own ideas about clothing and physical attraction, are there any prevailing themes that we can discover? Is seduction strictly subjective to each individual? Is it as much about what we conceal as what we reveal? Tell me, what IS seductive in or on a woman?

Corset circa 1903

Jane Régny evening dress circa 1931, France

Red organza evening gown, circa 1950

John Galliano for Christian Dior, black leather circa 2000, France

Sárka Sisková evening dress circa 2008, Czech Republic


Lupine said...

Ahhh seductive! I truly believe that it si different for everyone. To some people, a beautiful smile in its own right will seduce them while others are seduced by a certain piece of clothing and still others are seduced by the color of ones eyes, hair or skin. Some enjoy a certain shape or a certain attitude. Ones scent may have allot to do with it. Essentially I believe that the outside attracts while how that person makes you feel wanted is the clincher for the seduction. A simple look or touch may may effect you. Attitude towards a person also has allot to do with it. Positive people tend to attract more.... I feel there is no certain one thing that does it but a multitude of things combined.

Lupine said...

ps: I love the Jane Régny evening dress circa 1931, France!

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