Sunday, August 31, 2008

Design by Committee

If you've ever designed something by committee, you understand.


Pigtown-Design said...

Aaaarrrrrggggghhhhhh! I had to do our company's annual report. Did one version. Sent it out to the managers. No comments. Great! Off to the printer! NOOOOO! We didn't like it, but didn't want to hurt your feelings and tell you!

Then I did another prototype (which even the printing company raved about) and one of the managers gave it to his college-age daughter who wants to be a graphic designer and asked her to critique it. Sent it back to me marked up from front to back. This happened in Jan. and I just found out...

There are some things you can't to by committee!

Rita Finn said...

Oh, you are soooo right! Everyone has a different idea of what constitues good design, but I say leave it to people who have aesthetic judgement. In my company, we sometimes have people in Legal commenting on font or color. I know!

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